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Dr. Oskar Shura, OD, BSc

Oskar Shura, OD, BSc

Dr. Shura is from Mississauga, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2018, followed by the University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 2022.

He was awarded the A.W. Cole Award for Clinical Excellence, as well as the Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis Award for Clinical Excellence in Vision Therapy.

He then went on to complete a residency in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy at the University of Waterloo.

Dr. Shura has a very strong passion for working with children with learning disabilities, and has worked with many cases of strabismus, amblyopia, and visual perceptual issues.

Through his residency, he has also worked with a multitude of patients with brain injuries, and loves to help everyone attain their full visual potential. In addition, he can provide eye examinations to patients of all ages in both Polish and French.

In his spare time, he loves to hike, play soccer, and spend time with family and friends!