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Ocular Nutrition

It’s true. What we eat, affects our eyes. Healthy eyes and good vision are dependent upon good nutrition. Researchers are learning that a good diet rich in vitamins and nutrients can help prevent cataracts, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. Even people with Low Vision can find some benefits. There are ocular benefits from carotenoids such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

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Where to start?

At the Bolton Optometry Clinic, we have a keen interest in nutrition. Dr. McKenzie, a member of the Ocular Nutrition Society, wants to help spread the news: diet matters.

As an industrialized nation, we have benefitted from advances in manufacturing and production. Unfortunately, that means many of us are consuming processed foods, fast foods, sugar, fat and salt, at the expense of lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

Great Foods for your eyes!

Dark leafy vegetables and highly coloured fruits contain the carotenoids lutein (pronounced loo-teen) and zeaxanthin (pronounced zee-uhzan-thin), which are antioxidants, may protect against cataracts and macular degeneration.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends a balance.

Did you know that in Ontario, you can contact a registered dietician if you have a question about food?

For more information visit the Eat Right Ontario website at or call 1-877-510-5102

Vision Institute of Canada

The Vision Institute of Canada, established in 1981, is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and advancement of good vision and eye care for the public through the provision of optometric education, research, and clinical services.

The Vision Institute has recently updated their Patient’s Guide to Nutrition and Vision.

Sometimes our lifestyles get in the way of healthy food choices. As we age, we may not absorb all the nutrients in our diet. Living in northern latitudes means we don’t get enough Vitamin D. These are a few of the reasons you may consider vitamins.

Douglas Laboratories has partnered with the Vision Institute to offer a complete line of supplements designed to support vision health. (patient fulfillment program?)

Click HERE for more information.

Recommended Reading

– Fourteen Superfoods by Dr. Steven Pratt

– Thee Paleo Diet by Dr Loren Cordain

In The News

Children with dental cavities tend to be myopic (nearsighted). There is a suggested link between high glycemic load foods (sugar, white bread etc) and myopic refractive error. Click HERE for more information.